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FLUSH Visits The Plumbing Museum

A few days ago I went to Watertown, Massachusetts a few days ago to check out The Plumbing Museum and see what information I could find there.

The museum is open by appointment only - run by Boston-based HVAC and plumbing contracting firm Cannistraro, as a space t honor all plumbers of the world. The manager of the space graciously brought me into the museum and gave me a tour of their exhibit.

Ultimately, the museum is a great place to learn little more about American plumbing through seeing a line-up of real toilets of yore - from the first plumbed toilets in the US to the proto-composting toilet from the how prison plumbing has changed over time...and even to how toilets look in different kinds of medical facilities. They also have ancient water pipes (see the picture above - they used to be made out of logs)!

I was fascinated by some of their display and learned that the history of US toilets is richer than I often give it credit for. I also really liked the fact that they use their museum space as a classroom, as well - interactive learning is my favorite!

If you have the time and ability to visit this intimate yet beautiful space and are at least curious, I do recommend it.

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