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Innovation meet impact

You know everything there is to know about water and sanitation…except how to talk to your people so they listen, learn, and actually care about what you do.


That’s where we come in.


We make water and sanitation providers superheroes through data-driven storytelling, helping people care about all things water, sanitation and hygiene.

Why Sanitation?

Why Sanitation?

Sanitation is the center of the universe. Intense? Yes. True? Also yes.

Sanitation is critical to a healthy society. Without access to safe sanitation, communities suffer from illnesses that can disrupt progress, impact education, and hinder economic growth.


We know the technology’s there, but water and sanitation providers often struggle to get the buy-in they need to drive results. Why? Because there’s a social stigma that has created a disconnect between them and their audiences. This stigmatizes their work, prevents them from getting funding, and grinds progress to an almighty halt. Whomp whomp.


That's where FLUSH can help. We create sanitation superheroes by equipping water and sanitation service providers with the resources and know-how to tell their stories to the people who need to hear them most. It’s storytelling marketing, strengthened by real data. And it works. 

Our Approach

You need a friend like FLUSH

It’s not just about communication (though that is a big part of what we do). It’s about supporting the water and sanitation sector with effective systems, processes, professional development, and public awareness so providers can effectively carry out the work they’re doing now—and the work they hope to do in the future. 

Firms who partner with FLUSH:

  • Build effective internal management systems and processes

  • Improve perception of their organization in the community

  • ​Improve stakeholder buy-in from governments to community members

  • Unlock funding opportunities and investments

  • See their efforts go further, for longer

  • Successfully carry out more ambitious projects

  • ​Get clear about what they’re doing, and why

In short? FLUSH is here to help you make an impact. Kinda like the superheroes you see in movies, but for toilets and clean water. (Which—in our humble opinion—is way cooler.​


Real support + real stories = real change. 

We love toilets. There, we said it.

And if you spend enough time with our founder, Kim, you will too. Kim’s our resident marketing specialist cum water and sanitation expert with a knack for breaking “toilet taboos” through stories. With over a decade of experience, including working all over the world in International NGOs providing safe drinking water and sanitation services, and as a founding board member of NYC based water organization, NYC H2O, she’s uniquely placed to help WASH providers bridge the gap between their innovation and the impact they have in their community. 

She also began inspecting the facilities in every restaurant she could since childhood — it’s a whole thing. But we won’t dwell on that. 
Although FLUSH is proudly women-owned, it’s not a one-woman operation. FLUSH is supported by a strong network of global associates, ranging from water and sanitation specialists to business gurus, knowledge managers, analysts, and communication and marketing experts. Our experts scatter the globe - from France to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Short & Simple:

We know people tune out when things get wordy — so we try to keep our materials short, sweet, and approachable (no matter what your native language is). No 40-page documents or heavy tech-speak here — really, we will push back.


Technology won't save the world, people will. While we know, love, and use technology, we choose to work with people to address their needs in equitable ways that work for them. Some people call this human-centered design. We like to think it’s common sense, uncommonly applied.


We are strong advocates for diversity, inclusion, and equity. This means we value having teams of individuals with different backgrounds and upbringings. We are part of the professional decolonization and anti-racism movement—we will prefer working with local colleagues who can bring a rich knowledge of the regional context. We won’t fly a white affluent person to a low-income country project unless we’ve exhausted all other options first.


We help teams develop effective business processes. Strategic thinking benefits social impact as much as profit.


We love ‘outside the box’ ideas at FLUSH. That includes approaches or solutions that may not be traditional or typical but can work to achieve our client’s goals. If it works, it works!


Pobody’s nerfect. At FLUSH, we value learning from our failures to discover new things about ourselves and make meaningful changes - whether to build our experience or change our approach or business practices. 

"The FLUSH team delivered a highquality, systems-based, practical solution for PQMD. They gracefully walked into a project that was "inprocess" and deftly supported coalition objectives. "FLUSH is professional, reliable, personable, and flexible."

Juliemarie Vander Burg - Senior Director, Global Health PQMD

What’s in a name?

We thought you’d never ask.


Learning for 
Sanitation and

It’s a name and a mission, all rolled into one.


Ready to change the world?

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