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WASH Sector Resources

Where do I go to learn more about...?

Types of Toilets Being Used

In WASH: Akvopedia


How to Find Libraries of Academic and Research Articles

Loughborough University's WEDC


Australia's Civil Society WASH Fund


Listening to Related Podcasts

USAID's Global Waters Radio



What Specialists are Discussing Right Now


Sanitation Updates


Where Specialists Get Their Numbers

WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Program (JMP) SDG Goal 6 Report

WHO Global Analysis and Assessment of Sanitation and Drinking-water (GLAAS) Report

Related Education Programs

Australia: International WaterCentre

Australia: University of Technology Sydney's Institute for Sustainable Futures

Cambodia: Center for Sustainable Water

Netherlands: IHE DELFT

Switzerland: Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology

UK: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

UK: University of Loughborough's Water, Engineering, and Development Centre

UK: University of Leeds Water

UK: Cranfield University

USA: University of North Carolina (UNC) Water Institute

USA: Emory College Rollins School of Public Health

Where Specialists Go to Talk Regularly

Mobile: World Toilet Day Events

Mobile: Loughborough University's WEDC Conference

Mobile: International Water Association's (IWA) Events & Conferences
Mobile: World Toilet Organization (WTO) World Toilet Summit

Mobile: Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN) Forum

Sweden: Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) World Water Week

US: University of North Carolina (UNC) Water Institute's Water & Health Conference

US: Columbia University's Sustainable Development Conference

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