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Let Us Explain

FLUSH is keen to ensure that we are able to provide different, non-technical audiences with clear understandings about how sanitation works, and why they should care.  The key to all of this is using storytelling to share details about water and sanitation.

We have found that the general public is hungry for more information about how toilets work, what their systems look like, and how all of this impacts the world around them. We believe that the WASH sector gravely struggles with explaining their work to the public with simple, interesting stories. And we want to change that!

With our edutainment events and public material, FLUSH is creating a library of information that audiences can easily access to understand the world of water and sanitation better.  We are also working to build capacity in the WASH sector to better provide storytelling for non-technical audiences.

Our Explaining

We use our blog as a key place to try to explain to the public key points about water and sanitation. Below are some posts we've shared.

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