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Inclusive WASH Workplaces

After the tragedy of George Floyd in 2020, there was a lot of talk about diversity and racial equity in the WASH sector globally. FLUSH and friends felt the need to advocate for action to make the sector more diverse and equitable for better workplaces and improved sanitation impact.

Leadership for SDG6.2 - Is leadership missing?

With this conversation, FLUSH and several of our colleagues worked to evaluate the diversity of leaders in the global sanitation sector. After analyzing over 100 organizations across sanitation, we found that the sector wasn't as diverse (or inclusive) as we had hoped. In 2021, we published our findings through WASH Failures' special edition journal. We wanted this study to serve as a baseline for the sector to start having more meaningful, critical conversations about our contributions to creating better work environments for the WASH sector and its people.

We hope to fundraise for phase two of this research in the coming years. The research would look to assess if there's a correlation between organizational diversity in their leadership and their impact/performance for SDG6.2

Talking about WASH DEI

We write about our activities related to inclusive WASH workplaces sometimes. Here are our most recent blog posts!

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