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Supporting your team by building the tools, systems and know-how to get your message heard

Minus the need for shouting or singing...

Where FLUSH can help

  • Market research and landscape assessments: get the insights you need to target the right audience(s) at the right level, and drive sustainable demand for your services.

  • Story mapping and development: inspire and engage your audiences with compelling stories and messages, crafted in conjunction with our team of expert storytellers. 

  • Data system management and analytics: getting the data you need to make a story worth sharing with your audience 

  • Communications strategy design and implementation: bring your stories to life with a plan that’s based on real data from your audiences— no more guesswork or assumptions.

  • Program management support: keep your projects manageable, on track and make it easier to achieve your goals—even the ambitious ones—with clear communications.


The FLUSH Approach

Our unique approach focuses on how people perceive, interact with, and respond to your services. Rather than make assumptions about what we want them to know, we listen and learn so we can reassure, educate and even entertain—helping them form positive associations with your business that extend far beyond your services. This helps grow your influence (and by extension, your impact). It’s simple, but it really packs a punch.

Clarify goals

We begin with an in-depth look at who you want to engage with, why, how you want to do it, and what you want to get out of it. We’ll also look at anything that might be holding you back, too.

Gather data

We’ll look at what you have (and what you need) to to tell compelling stories. Market research, developing data systems, assessing and improving performance data systems — we can cover it all.

Create stories

Co-develop stories with compelling calls to action — to unlock financing, change behavior, and help communities, governments and investors see why your work matters. We do this through consulting and training.

Design & run

We’ll design and help you put in place achievable yet practical marketing & communications strategies for short & medium term success. We finish with clear and practical action points so you know your next steps.

We also test our stories with the public through entertaining & educational events, and we’ll wrap up with plans for ongoing demand creation, so public buy-in for your work continues. 

Service Packages

We focus your story to influence others better.
All packages are tailored to optimally engage FLUSH’s associates with strong local knowledge, running ~2-6 months each. Package prices vary with your team selection and are customized to meet your time, resources, and needs. We will start with a free one-hour introductory call to understand your journey and select one of the packages below.

Not sure about your journey? FLUSH can run an initial strategy assessment for $650.

Market Research

The Story of Your Audience

What you get:

  • Market summary and audience persona(s)

  • Practical recommendations on how to start engaging a particular audience

  • A list of key audience members and partners to begin contacting

Strategic Messaging

The story of you

What you get:

  • 1 personalized story-building workshop for your team

  • An actionable strategic plan containing practical recommendations

  • A landscape assessment scrutinizing your context and competitors

Communications Support

Building Your Story

What you get:

  • Researched donor, client, or investor profiles

  • Templates for communication materials - slides, one-pagers, proposals, etc.

  • Regular “mastermind” sessions with our team to boost your brainstorming or troubleshooting

Custom Service
Making Your Story Special

Need something more specific to your teams’ needs?

We can also help you get clearer on your needed support with a custom-made service.


Getting started

With most projects, we’ll have a chat about your needs, goals, timelines and budget, and put together a quote based on our packaged deliverables and an estimated work plan to complete your project. We keep detailed updates though, so you’re always in the loop.


We’re here to help you succeed, so we’ll make sure we have a clear scope of work and understanding of your requirements before any work begins. Grab our guide through the link below to get started.

We appreciate how well FLUSH managed the rapporteurs and the process. This is by far the best report we’ve had.

Jennifer Williams - Executive Director FSM Alliance


Sanitation isn’t just lifesaving. It’s fun. 
let's show it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we hire FLUSH over the other options available?
FLUSH boasts a unique combination of technical knowledge in water and sanitation and communications and marketing. Because we know and understand both ‘worlds’, our team of consultants can ensure everything we create for you is creative, practical, and business-oriented. 


Also, while many of our competitors have to hire Westerners to work on programs in low- and middle-income countries in Africa and Asia, we also have a network of skilled local consultants with a variety of business specializations, who also have strong knowledge of local contexts—making our support more relevant for customers.


Lastly, FLUSH prides itself on asking difficult questions and finding new ways to do work based on evidence from other industries. We try to proactively inform the public and professionals about new ways to think about water and sanitation, and investigate how to improve efforts that are failing the sector.


Who would work with us from FLUSH? 

We’ll match you with a consulting team based on your needs and location, so we can ensure whoever’s on the team supporting you is best equipped to understand your local context and specific requirements. Check out our list of key associates that you could work with.


Can you lower your quote prices for us? 

At FLUSH, we try to accommodate different organizational resources while ensuring we can continue offering the same quality of services. While we can’t guarantee we’re within every budget, we’ll do our best to find a way to work within yours. Get in touch to chat more.


Do you help with sales teams? 

We could! We believe that sales is part of the bigger marketing world, so it’s definitely something we can tackle.


Do you have educational content we can use with our audiences?
Let’s discuss more — we have a bunch of off-the-shelf content that we could offer through your organization to your audiences.


Is there anyone you don't or won't work with?

We work best with organizations whose values are in alignment with our own—so we'll have to pass on anything that would put us on the wrong side of our human rights values. Basically, if working with someone would put us in an ethical grey area, we won't take the work.


Are there any base criteria for working with FLUSH? 

We don’t mind if the organization is brand new or really old, as long as it’s a legally registered company somewhere. The only things we require are that you have a clear set of services you provide, an existing website and/or social media accounts, and staff who can apply the work with us. We also strongly encourage that your leadership supports what we do and how we will collaborate on any project.

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