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FLUSH Classes Now Offered Online!

Photo Credit: Jasmine Burton

As of April 2020, FLUSH started sharing live online classes with the world through the Brooklyn Brainery!

Classes so far shared online include "The History of Toilets", "In Defense of Bidets", and we will be debuting soon a new class called "Toilets: An Environmental Hero". Most of the classes are offered in the evenings for those living in the Americas, however, classes have been made available (and can be in the future) at earlier times to accommodate those living in other time zones in the world.

To date, we have offered five online classes within a month, and have taught over 200 people all over the world - from Brooklyn to Bangladesh.

The advantages of offering classes online having a wider audience reach, offering classes more often, and allowing for larger class sizes. Some of our classes have even neared 100 participants without issues! It's also possible to make the classes more affordable when they're online (currently at $6 per participant).

That said, once the world opens up again to in-person classes, we will continue to offer more intimate, tailored classes for communities, as well.

Interested in trying one of our classes? Let us know, and we can figure out a topic/date/time that best interests you.

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