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Results in from WTD Polls!

Video courtesy of Jessie Kaliski

We at FLUSH hope you are fully recovered from the recent holidays - Thanksgiving and World Toilet Day!

We had a great time meeting people all over NYC and sharing with them fun facts about toilets - and why they should be a part of everyday conversation!

Part of our events included a polling area, where people could vote for their preferred toilet practices.

Interested in the results? We are, too!

Do you sit or squat when using the toilet?

Most of those who voted said they were sitters in their toilet practices - all 65% of them!

Do you wipe yourself with toilet paper or do you use water, like a bidet?

The substantial majority - 84% - of voters are wipers! But! Did you know that using water can be more hygienic and healthier for the planet? We strongly encourage you to try a bidet seat - they are divine!

How do you prep your toilet paper - fold or crumple?

This poll was pretty close in terms of practices, though more people said they folded their toilet paper by 53%. Someone even asked us, "Who would ever think of crumpling their toilet paper?" Plenty of people!

Are you a nervous pee-er - where you struggle to use public toilets - or not?

For the bold New Yorkers we met and polled, 75% said they were happy and comfortable using public toilets. Good for you!

Look, we have to be honest - it wasn't a large enough poll for us to make any really big statements about NYC toilet practices. And...our polling methodologies weren't rock solid. But! It was still fun to have the polls at our events, and the numbers we got were interesting all the same.

What's your preferred toilet practice?

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