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Science Fair pre-World Toilet Day Recap

Preparing for the Science Fair Event!

One of the first events that's part of the World Toilet Day activities with NYU included being a part of a science fair at the bar Caveat. We joined other environmentally-focused organizations to tell people about why toilets are important for environmental conservation.

As part of our event table, we included a bunch of fun activities for participants to join:

· A poll station where people could use stickers to “vote” for their preferred bathroom habits, like if they rather sit or squat while using the toilet;

· A game station where people guessed how many countries’ populations equated to certain toilet stats, such as how many people in India open defecate still (spoiler: America + Nigeria);

· An art station where people could personalize their own rock, also known as an ancient form of toilet paper; and,

· A raffle station where one person got to win a TUSHY bidet!

The winner of the TUSHY bidet raffle was elated!

People were interested in learning about FLUSH's mission to get people more aware and open to dialogue about sanitation. They also learned about ancient toilet paper habits and what the disease "trachoma" is. Many were surprised to hear about the toilet woes of the US, such as Hepatitis A outbreaks in California and hookworm in Alabama.

Finally, they were pumped about entering the bidet raffle!

Check back here to find out more about how the rest of our World Toilet Day 2018 events go.

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Mike Henry
Mike Henry
13 de mar. de 2021

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