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World Toilet Day Comedy

Sunday was World Toilet Day! I attended The Poop Project's events for the day in the Lower East Side (NYC), and had a great time.

The first part of the day included a documentary (also called FLUSH!) about Combined Sewage Overflow (CSO), where our waste goes in the city, and our conflicted feelings about our interaction with the toilet and what happens there. It was a great film to watch and learn more about how much of the US cities' systems work.

The second part was led by The Symposium, a way to let academics their research more approachable through stand up comedy. I gave a 7-minute stand up set, where I went through my journey as a young kid who loves toilets, my interesting interactions while in the field overseas, and the interesting and less common questions I have been asked during my History of Toilet classes. If you're interested in watching the show, it is available here.

World Toilet Day is an annual day that aims to bring awareness to a concerning problem at least a third of the world's population has to deal with. I hope to see you next year!

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