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FLUSH Communications Courses

101: Starting to Master Water Presentations

FLUSH developed a set of communications courses in response to organizations wanting to strengthen their team members' communication skills but not having the funds to hire consultants. The water and sanitation sector has its own vocabulary and technical information. FLUSH wanted to provide a safe space for professionals to discuss their communication challenges and build communication skills to overcome these barriers. 

We also wanted to help address the moans and groans during conferences about people presenting poorly and making information inaccessible. The Presentation Basics Course is a professional development course to help water and sanitation professionals present their work more effectively in conferences and public settings. We will go back to the basics of the art of presenting. The short course will not solve all the challenges with developing presentations and presenting, but it will provide a solid base to build skills.


WASH professionals develop and deliver engaging presentations to respond to the needs of their audience and achieve their goals. 

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify your presenting style. 

  2. Understand your strengths and areas for improvement when presenting. 

  3. Develop an effective presentation for a specific target audience.


Participants will work on a knowledge product and receive feedback from trainers. 



The course is delivered over two weeks in four separate sessions. It consists of about seven hours of live training and three hours of homework. The course is facilitated live using Zoom, facilitated by a WASH communicator. Each session includes content, examples, key takeaways, opportunities for large and small group discussions, and homework. The course is designed to give participants time to ask questions and share their own experiences. The homework allows participants to dive deeper into the topic or practice what they have learned in the session. At the start of each session, the facilitator leads a discussion on the homework completed during the week to capture participants’ reflections. The course ends with a practice session to allow participants to practice their skills in a safe space.

session 1

Introduction - 1 hour

Presenting Effectively - 2 hours

session 2
session 3

Making a Good Presentation - 2 hours

Practice - 2 hrs

session 4

Total time: 7 hours + Homework


Typically, the workshop is designed for 6-10 people. If there are more, interactive activities will need to be adapted accordingly.

Who should join the course?


WASH professionals who want to improve their presentations but have limited time for professional development are willing to return to the basics to learn how to strengthen their skills in developing and delivering presentations. Participants include government officials, NGO workers, service providers, academics, and donors. The course can also be customized to a group of participants with specific needs (e.g., only academics).

Each participant should have their own presentation that they would like to workshop in the class.


Prerequisites include:

  • A professional working on water and/or sanitation

  • Already somewhat comfortable publicly speaking

  • Identify a document and a presentation to work on for the two courses

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