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Meet FLUSH's Fall Apprentices

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

FLUSH is thrilled that we have fall apprentices to help move our work forward! We are pleased to share more information about each of them below.

Meet Georgia and Ruth! Both women are Ph.D. research students at the University of Leeds (in the UK) where they are focusing on water, sanitation, and hygiene (aka, WASH).

Georgia has worked in several different WASH projects in Cambodia and refugee camps in Greece, including projects focusing on menstrual hygiene.

Ruth has worked in communications and community engagement in Uganda, Tanzania, and Madagascar. She has also focused some of her research on gender and WASH.

During their apprenticeships, Georgia and Ruth will research and analyze sanitation leadership in international development. They will collect information about the diversity and inclusion rates of the different key organizations.

What is the impact of having inclusive leadership - or lack thereof - in sanitation organizations? We hope to answer that.

They will also help us write reports to share our findings and the practical next steps that organizations can take to increase their leadership's diversity.

FLUSH is looking forward to continuing our work with our apprentices, and expect to have more fun apprentice stories to share in the near future.

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