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All About Flush Away 2020

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Congratulations to Team PhaecesreuseD on Twitter for winning the Grand Prize!

From December 27 to 31, 2020, FLUSH, The Loo Tours, and The POOP Project teamed up with Reel Paper to encourage you to let 2020 go. Any game participant had a chance to win an awesome raffle prize. See below for more details

Each day had a theme with some directions that we shared in videos, giving participants 24 hours to submit responses on Twitter and/or Instagram. Here are the 5 days of games:

  • Day 1: Toilet Paper Challenge (arts & crafts)

  • Day 2: Thank You (Sanitation Workers) Challenge (gratitude)

  • Day 3: Toilet/WC Upgrade Challenge (design)

  • Day 4: Bristol Bake-Off Challenge (baking)

  • Day 5: Final Flush Challenge (therapy)

Each day’s submission earned up to two raffle tickets - one for submitting and a bonus ticket for creativity. We encouraged people to think outside the box (tastefully). Those who submitted twice got admission into an event from FLUSH, Loo Tours, or The POOP Project. Every ticket also had a chance to win the Grand Prize - a year’s worth of toilet paper from Reel!

Recap of Game

Over ten participants were fully engaged on Instagram and Twitter over the 5-day period. We all had fun with this game - the submissions show this. Above is a gif with their submissions.

Grand Prize Winner

PhaecesreuseD from Twitter (submissions above) was the winner of the Grand prize - announced January 3rd, 2021. They had some pretty neat submissions, too!


Participants were eligible to participate from anywhere in the world, as long as they were over the ages of 18 years, or had at least one member who was over 18 years old.

The Grand Prize of a year's supply of Reel bamboo toilet paper was only available for participants with US addresses, but ALL participants were eligible for our events! Family members of any company and organization hosting and running this game were welcome to participate but were exempt from winning the Grand Prize.

Submission Rules

  • Social Media: Participants posted videos & pictures on Instagram (stories and/or feed posts) and/or Twitter.

  • Hashtags: Submissions included the hashtags #FlushAway2020 and another hashtag with the name of their team.

  • One Team, One Account: Participant accounts submitting their posts had to remain the same throughout the game to make sure we could keep track of who was who! People could team up with others, just as long as there was one account for the submissions and the Grand Prize would be sent to the address of the account holder.

  • Tag Us: Oh! Participants tagged us on their submissions:

  • Raffle Prize: Teams who participated received up to two raffle tickets per day they participate, one for submitting and one for demonstrating extra creativity or effort. The raffle tickets were given to the account holder that submitted the posts. Submitting at least two times and participants already won a prize - free admission into one event from FLUSH, Loo Tours, or the POOP Project. Submitting all five days and participants could attend two of the team’s events for free. The Grand Prize was be raffled off at the end to one winner. The more people submitted, the more chances they had to win!

Content Rules

  • Prove It's You: A body part of a real, living person had to be included in the post to prove they really completed the challenge.

  • Freedom to Share: Submissions agreed that the hosting organizations could download and use their videos and pictures for promotional use in the future (i.e., a recap video, etc.).

  • Keep it Tasteful: Pictures or videos that included real poo or sensitive materials (aka genitalia) were automatically disqualified and reported as abuse on social media.

Have any questions or need some more information? Feel free to email us at

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