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An Engaging World Toilet Day with NYU

Happy World Toilet Day! (picture courtesy of UN Water)

Happy World Toilet Day!

Today, FLUSH partnered with New York University on three special events about sanitation for the academic and city community.

The three events included:

An engaging urban sanitation panel

-A table discussion with sanitation specialists and audience members about urban sanitation challenges and innovations in the context of NYC and developing countries;

Founder Kim Worsham presenting the storytelling event at NYU Stern

-A storytelling event where five experts shared short stories about their sanitation experiences - from the history of toilets, the problems with focusing on only toilet technology, using old toilets to create oyster beds for harbor water purification, and how to store urine in a NYC apartment; and,

Trivia teams enjoying some quirky toilet knowledge

-A fun toilet trivia game, where the winning team won four TUSHY bidets!

Special thanks to the panelists who joined us for our panels and storytelling events - and even our trivia game! Including:

-Shawn Shafner from The POOP Project

-Chris McGahey, consultant

-Jessie Kaliski from IPSA

-John Gershman from NYU Wagner

-Elena Marmo from WaterAid US

-Manny Patole, consultant

-Vlada Kenniff from NYCHA.

Events were attended by students studying policy, international development, and business, as well as by alumni interested in public health and general New Yorkers keen to learn more about their sewer systems.


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