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Content Testing at UConn

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

FLUSH ran a 5-week course on toilets and it went well!

FLUSH worked with the University of Connecticut's OSHER Program over winter on developing a much longer version of our history of toilets class. We created a 5-week online course to go through a thematic journey on toilet history.

The goal was to create a storyline that our founder could use to write a book proposal and offer more in-depth toilet events with the general public.

About ten retired people from the east coast joined us for our class. We had a great time with the participants over the course, and they asked lots of great questions. Participants found the content surprisingly fascinating and fun to learn. One even said it was one of the best classes they've taken in years.

It was clear that people want to understand more about how toilets work. This was a great lesson for our founder; it's easy to assume everyone knows the details of how toilets work when it's your profession.

And the participants seemed to *love* our content. Check out the testimonials we received below:

  • "Where do I begin? Kim is an excellent presenter. Her knowledge of the subject matter, just "flows" from her mouth accompanied by a little humor which makes it so interesting. I am so glad I took this class."

  • "SO interesting. Everyone should take this course."

  • "It was a very different subject matter and well worth learning about because it is something you don't usually think about and it has many ramifications in life. Kimberly was excellent at getting all the information across. "

  • "When it came to her knowledge of the topic, Kim really knew her s_ _ _! I loved the way that she made education entertaining. Her class was one of the best that I have taken in all of the OLLI programs I’ve experienced."

  • "Kim was great. Everyone should take this course you can imagine how much there is to learn & improve things."

We're working on editing our content now and putting together a book proposal. Stay tuned!

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