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FLUSH Co-Hosts Online Trivia

Today, FLUSH partnered with The POOP Project and TUSHY to host a fun 30-minute trivia game with participants from all over the world! There were 13 teams playing against each other over three short rounds for the chance to win the ultimate prize - a bidet seat attachment.

Questions ranged from ancient toilet mythology to North Korea! And hosts danced with contestants remotely to the classic tunes of bands like Toto.

In the end, three teams got perfect scores and had to compete in a fast tie-breaker, estimating the milage of sewers under NYC, which is about 7,500 miles.

Our champion will receive the prized bidet at his home in Philadelphia soon.

The short event was such as success that FLUSH and the POOP Project expect to have another trivia game in the near future. Stay tuned!

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28. Aug. 2021

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