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FLUSH Joins UNC Water Institute Conference Sponsors

FLUSH is stepping up to support their first virtual, international conference

New York, NY, 10/15/2020 — The University of North Carolina hosts the US’s premier annual Water and Health Conference. FLUSH has committed for the first time to be a Friend of the Conference for the UNC Water Institute’s 2020 event, which will be virtual from October 26th to 30th. Registration for the conference happens at

We support The Water Institute’s efforts to transition their conference that convenes leading academics and practitioners to a virtual platform. FLUSH knows well the importance and challenges of adjusting materials for digital learning during these times. Our courses for professionals, the sanitation curious, and kids have all moved to virtual platforms. It is a difficult task, and we commend The Water Institute for their efforts.

FLUSH, a NY-based firm, has facilitated learning virtually through the times of COVID-19. Since March 2020, we have grown our offerings globally through virtual materials such as classes and events for various audiences and age groups. We encourage everyone to come to see how we’ve accomplished great things online. Expect to hear more from us after the conference about key takeaways and lessons.

Founded in 2018, FLUSH is a sanitation solutions superhero whose powers include education, advocacy, and consulting. FLUSH is a women-owned business focused on the global “WASH” (water, sanitation, and hygiene) sector. We boast a unique set of overlapping technical, process, and educational specialties. Our services feature (1) building greater public awareness of WASH programs, (2) developing advocacy initiatives, and (3) enhancing professionalism in organizations and institutions working in the world of sanitation.

Learn more about FLUSH’s accomplishments, courses, and services at


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