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FLUSH Offers Toilet Intro for Young Children

A screenshot of our pre-k intro class, courtesy of the Blue School

This week, FLUSH offered a brand new class to an entirely new audience for us - children! We worked with a school in NYC to develop a fun 30-minute class on the basics of toilets for a group of precocious children between four and five years old. Our presentation had a lot of animations to keep the attention of young students.

We discussed why we have toilets in the first place, and what happens once we've flushed our water-based toilets. We even talked about what are composting toilets and how toilets in space work!

We had a lot of fun, and the students were wonderful during the class, asking really important questions about what happens when fish poo in the ocean, the whereabouts of dinosaur poo, and what kinds of things we can flush down the toilet.

It was really inspiring to see so many young kids paying attention and asking good questions about something so important to keep us healthy in our daily lives. We hope that some of them may want to become toilet experts and champions when they get a little older.

Are you interested in helping a group of children learn more about toilets in a fun way? Let us know and we can discuss options!


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