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FLUSH Talks Sewers at Butt-Con

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

From left clockwise: Tatiana & Kim presenting Pipe Love at Butt-Con; Kim proudly standing by the FLUSH banner at Butt-Con; the major welcome sign at the event; lastly, an excerpt from the history of butt wiping display including corncobs, a sponge stick, & magazines.

Wednesday in NYC we joined a quirky group of "nether-regions experts" for a wild event called Butt-Con. Butt-Con was organized and hosted by the bidet seat attachment company, TUSHY, with the goal to de-stigmatize the world of the bottom and talk about healthy butt hygiene.

The event included panels on a vast selection of topics - porn stars talked about anal pleasure, doctors discussed healthy guts and hygiene, and dancers taught people how to have fun with "twerking". There were also a number of unique vendors at the event.

FLUSH co-presented a talk about "loving our pipes inside and out" with partner nutritionist Tatiana Ridley from Healthylicious Bliss. The 25-minute talk was an abbreviated version of a larger class the we have taught at the Brooklyn Brainery called Pipe Love. Pipe Love focuses on explaining the journey of our food - from mouth to treatment plant - and shares best practices for keeping our digestive tract and sewer systems in good working order.

FLUSH believes that Butt-Con was an excellent venue to share with a large group New Yorkers the importance of healthy urban sanitation systems and advocating for responsible and sustainable sanitary practices. Attendees remarked that they were shocked to hear that things like tampons and floss cannot be flushed because of their contributions to fatbergs.

If you're curious to see how nutrition and sanitation are approached in Pipe Love and want to offer it to your community, contact us for more information.


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