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Guest in Cleveland for Toilet Classes

Last weekend I partnered up with Drink Local Drink Tap (DLDT) to teach some classes on the History of Toilets for the community in Cleveland, OH. We had one class at the Heights Libraries' Coventry Branch, and one in a more private setting at Astoria Market. We had quite a good turn out over the weekend! Both classes had about a dozen people (and on a weekend!) and we got great questions, especially on topics about:

  • How compost toilets work

  • The first toilet installed in the US

  • How the progress in increasing access to toilets in the developing world is going

  • What it's like to install a bidet seat to a toilet

  • How to reduce water use while flushing toilets

Everyone was enthusiastic about the material, and mentioned how fascinated they are by the topic now. I encourage you to keep being fascinated and share that with people.


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