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Meet FLUSH's Summer Apprentices

Updated: Jan 29

FLUSH is thrilled to be partnering with summer apprentices to help move our work forward. Through the female entrepreneur platform FLIK, ambitious and strong young women have matched our mission and have agreed to develop some exciting projects for us. We are pleased to share more information about each of them below.

Meet Katie! She's a recent graduate from Tufts University with a major in International Relations. She is keen to learn more about health and sanitation with us.

During her apprenticeship, Katie is leading a research project that will explore the diversity and inclusion of the water and sanitation sector's leadership. Her work will help FLUSH advocate for teams that better represent the diversity of communities that receive water and sanitation project support in other parts of the world.

We are excited about Katie's research and hope to have her publish her findings with us to share with the world.

Meet Tori! She's a recent graduate from Western University (in Canada) with a major in International Relations. She is excited to learn more about marketing and business approaches to improve public health globally.

During her apprenticeship, Tori is developing FLUSH's official marketing strategy. Through the strategy, she is assessing FLUSH's markets and helping us harness social media and storytelling channels in a cost-efficient way.

We are excited about Tori's work, as it will be a pivotal project in FLUSH focusing our attention on communications that matter most to our followers.

FLUSH is looking forward to continuing our work with our apprentices, and expect to have more fun apprentice stories to share in the near future.

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