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Meet FLUSH's Summer Apprentices (part 2)

Updated: Jan 29

FLUSH is thrilled that we are growing our pool of summer apprentices to help move our work forward! Through the female entrepreneur platform FLIK, ambitious and strong young women have matched our mission and have agreed to develop some exciting projects for us. We are pleased to share more information about each of them below.

Meet Sydney! She's a student at Queens University (in Canada) with a major in Political Science. She is keen to learn more about how behavior change and policy intersect in sanitation.

During her apprenticeship, Sydney is leading a research project that will best practices in changing behaviors with a systems lens. The research project will result in a catchy infographic that FLUSH can share with the water & sanitation community. Her work will help drive new, fresh conversations about behavior change for the sector.

We are excited about Sydney's research and infographic design and hope to have her publish a short accompany the infographic.

Meet Mallory! She’s currently studying at the University of Toronto with a major in Environmental Science. She is excited to apply her environmental knowledge to the field of sanitation and hygiene! 

During her apprenticeship, Mallory is supporting FLUSH with creating their new virtual educational programming for young children to learn about toilets, sanitation, and hygiene. In doing so, she is reaching an audience that FLUSH has yet to reach fully.

We are excited about Mallory’s educational program and we can’t wait to share it with the next generation of leaders.

FLUSH is looking forward to continuing our work with our apprentices, and expect to have more fun apprentice stories to share in the near future.


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